My Father Gives Us A Comfortable Life

Read on the overseas Filipino story: My Father Gives Us A Comfortable Life.

I remember my childhood days when both my parents were at my sides. I loved the way how they took care of me as I am their only child. I am the only child before my mother got pregnant to my younger sister. When she gave birth, I just became the only son, not the only child anymore.

Going back in my elementary years, I used to be fetched by my father at our school every afternoon when he was done with his work at the construction site near our school. When we were at home, we had dinner completely, eating while talking about anything. Late at night, both of them helped me in doing my assignments.

My Father Gives Us A Comfortable Life

My Father Gives Us A Comfortable Life Photo Credit: Personal Excellence

I also loved Sundays because after we went to church, we spent them going to the park or paying a visit to our closed relatives. I was really thankful to the Almighty because even though we were not rich, we still managed to be a happy family.

But, that’s a long time ago and I think it won’t happen again unless my father comes home again. Well, it has been a year when we accompanied him to the airport. He went to Muscat, Oman to work as an overseas Filipino worker there. It was the last time I saw him then, crying, while reminding me to look after my mother and my younger sister. At that time, all I could do was cry too. Since then, my life had changed, I’m no longer the one being pampered, and I’m now a little father in our family.

When he left us, I kept asking myself why he needed to work far away. Was his salary in the construction site not enough to keep us alive? I never noticed that we were getting short of money since we have had eaten three times a day. I asked my mother why she let my father went away. She told me that he had no choice but to work abroad because I’ll be a freshman student next school year.

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Despite her explanation, I just can’t accept that because of money matters, my father needed to be far from us. To give him peace of mind, I have kept his words. Eventually I become the overseer of my younger sister and do some household chores like sweeping our backyard, fetching water, washing our soiled plates, etc.

Months later, my father started to send us money. First, our house was repaired and now, it is a full-concrete bungalow. Next, my mother bought a pig to be raised at the back of our house. Bit by bit, our lives are changing. Now I can see the results of the big sacrifice made by my father. Last month, in my birthday, I was surprised when he bought me a cellular phone so he could contact me anytime, without waiting me to be home and talk on my mother’s phone.

He also congratulates me for having good grades and advised me to maintain them so he could append my allowance. I just agreed and told him that I’m so excited for his return next year. Hugging him is not enough to show how I miss and love him. Yes, I’m so proud of my father because he chooses to be away temporarily from us just to give us a comfortable life.

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